Fake Tudor Monarch VS Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

Fake Tudor Monarch chronograph Watch

Replica Tudor Monarch chronograph Watch Sale

The Replica Tudor Monarch chronograph Watch was offered in two formats, these being all stainless steel as here, and in a mixture of stainless steel and gold. Both versions had matching bracelets that were specifically designed to be used on this line. While having a higher price when new, the mixed metal watch is now worth slightly less than its sibling as a collectible, for the most part because all steel watches are very fashionable at present. Our own Fake Tudor personal opinion is that gold and steel watches are more attractive than those in all steel, but we are definitely out of synch with current tastes on this point, and would have to recommend that a steel example be bought for investment purposes.

The watch’s width is only slightly less than that of the flagship Rolex Submariner, but the styling influence of this longer established model is obvious, with an almost identically proportioned case and the same distinctive polished bezel, this having a tachymetre scale calibrated in order that travelling speeds and production rates can be read off directly against the stopped central second hand. In common with all Replica Submariner Rolex Oyster chronographs , both past and current, this is a rugged watch with a hefty feel to it. The condition of this case is nothing short of excellent, with only the very lightest imperfections that must be expected on even the most carefully worn watch of this age. Certainly, this is a piece that has clearly had only the very lightest of duty in the past and has been used on special occasions rather than on a daily basis.

Rolex has never compromised the quality of its movements and there has never been a point in time when the company’s mechanisms have been anything other than of the very highest standard. This movement, calibre 1220, is a quartz chronograph unit that is finished to the same superlative degree as its all mechanical equivalent. The entire upper surface of this item has been covered with a set of wide Geneva s.

Fake Tudor Monarch chronograph Watch

Internally, the threaded screw down case back is fully signed ?°Tudor Watch Co Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland?°. Externally is the model reference 15900 and the serial number 712991. Having only ever been opened for servicing with the correct Rolex factory tool, the milled edges around the case back outer are in perfect condition and not in the slightest bit chewed or damaged. The winding crown is the classic Rolex Oyster screw down type, signed with a large rendition of the Tudor Fake Watch shield emblem. This is entirely original and in superb condition, locking down tightly in place on the correspondingly threaded tube that protrudes from the case side.

This Fake Monarchs chronograph Watch was introduced in 1999 as part of the Rolex Tudor range, this having been in existence since 1945. The naming of this item is somewhat odd, as it doesn’t follow the standard Rolex format for its products. The cornerstone of the Rolex range since 1926 has been its Oyster models, these being identifiable by their patented waterproof case construction and screw down winding crowns.